Garden Rooms

hamptons garden room

Create space for a home office, games room or extra living space in your garden.

A beautiful bespoke designed garden room with choice of high quality materials and colours can complement or enhance your garden. From the simple to the truly stunning, garden rooms provide a useful and cosy space to enjoy or work all year round.

Garden rooms will add value to any property and with new planning laws most do not require planning permission.

After the base has been constructed, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are used for walls and roof. Highly efficient and fast to erect, insulation values typically range between R15 to R45.

There is a choice of external finishes like environmentally friendly and maintenance free wood cladding that comes ready finished ex factory and in a wide range of colours.

Werzerlit Cladding - Bamboo

 Cedar Shingles 






Garden Rooms do not need planning permission if:

They do not sit forward of your house's principal elevation, facing onto and is visible from a highway.

If the height of the eaves is not more than 2.5m with an overall height of not more than 4m for standard dual-pitched roofs. 3m for mono pitched roofs.

If the structure is not higher than 2.5m at the highest point and within 2m of any boundary.

The structure does not have verandas, balconies or raised platforms.

If the garden room does not cover more than 50 percent of land surrounding the house.

Not located in a national park or area of outstanding natural beauty, conservation area and the construction is less than 10 sqm and less than 20m from your house.

It is not within the boundaries of a listed building.

Decking surrounding the garden room is not more than 300mm above the ground.



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