Media Rooms

Media Rooms are a recent addition to the home, they describe a space family and friends can enjoy watching the game on TV, play against each other on game consoles, kareoke the night away as well as watch a movie.

It is an entertainment room for all the family so when designing your media room look for flexible seating, movable chairs are great for getting the best view of the screen or moved to the side for a dance off on the game console. Fluffy sofas, cushions and carpeting help quiet reflections from the sound system.

Think big when choosing a screen, it should be large enough so everyone in the room can view it from a good angle.

Modern technology can work through walls and cabinets so you can hide all the technology away from sight and with a remote have the latest movie streaming to your TV.

TV or Projector
There are alot of arguments for and against both, but the main consideration is projectors only work at their best when light is totally omitted. You will need heavy curtains or a room with no windows to enjoy a movie during the day.

Size of screen for the money.
Projectors win this round, you can fill a whole wall with a movie using a projector costing £2000 compared to a TV which would cost tens if not hundreds of thousands for the same size. A proper projector screen will cost money, but a white wall or board is a cheaper alternative.

Projectors make noise which can detract from the movie if you are sitting close by. They are difficult to position correctly and cannot be boxed in because they can over heat. Professional installation is recommended to get the best picture and sound.

A big screen gives the ultimate movie and gaming experience. Prices of projectors and TVs are similar and so the choice is often down to the practicalities of the technology in the home.

Do your research before buying and ask yourself which is the right choice for your family and home. 

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