Sofas For Rooms With Limited Access

Everyone wants a large comfy sofa in their home, but for many this is just not an option. Our sofa's have got bigger, but our homes have not, in fact new build houses in the UK are smaller than the European average. We have all heard stories about the furniture company having to take the new sofa back to the store because it was too big to fit through the front door. Narrow doors, hallways and stairs cause alot of headaches when it comes to buying a new sofa.

Self assemebled flat pack sofas from Nabru could be the answer. With a choice of styles and fabric covers these are solid sofas when assembled giving you the comfy big sofa that you alwys wanted.

   Holl 3 seat sofa - Linton Ivory  £356

'Before I moved into my first home a 3rd floor flat with no lift, I measured the doors and hallways and a tight turn in the hallway was a major problem for any sofa. Instead of relaxing on a sofa I thought I would be sitting on bean bags. Then I found Nabru online. I could have the large sofa and foot stool I wanted and could buy a spare seat cover in a different colour when I wanted a change. I  found the sofa very easy to assemble and it is solid, and after 3 years I still love my sofa.'

Alda 2 seat sofa - Faux leather  £255

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